Grants for Women In Underrepresented Fields

There are certain fields of study such as technology, mathematics, science, law, engineering, business management and medicine that have been previously dominated by males. Recently women are becoming recognized as equal counterparts in these fields, therefore, there have been more grant programs available to women pursuing these careers. These grants are coming from both private and public organizations which support the progression of women in these fields.

The Regent’s Healthcare Scholarship for Medicine and Dentistry provides opportunities to women and minorities residing in New York State to pursue medical and dental school. Requirements for this scholarship are:

  • Student must apply to a New York State program
  • Student must agree to work within a New York State health care facility after graduation

The National Black Nurses Association was founded in 1971 to support and advocate for the access to health care for African American women. African American nurses can now look to the NBNA for professional and education support. Grants awarded to undergraduate nurses may range from $500 to $2,000 each academic year for students maintaining their enrollment in a four-year nursing program.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant is a program available to sophomores and juniors majoring in the the fields of science and mathematics. Those planning to advance to graduate programs in related fields are given preference and are expected to excel above the average GPA.

The National Physical Science Consortium is known for sponsoring fellowship programs for women and minorities pursuing the physical sciences fields such as geology, astronomy, computer science, chemistry, or mathematics. To be selected a candidate must study at accepted locations and maintain a GPA of a 3.0.

The Ford Foundation created a pre-doctoral fellowship program available to women and minorities. They are known for encouraging women and minorities to pursue careers in mathematics, science, and engineering.

The National Science Foundation awards fellowships to women enrolled in a science, computer science, mathematics, or engineering program.

Some organizations have recently recognized the potential of women to serve in high level positions in the working environment, especially in corporate business positions. Women were previously underestimated as potential leaders, were ignored, or kept at low-level positions. To cease this practice, many professional associates have come forth to actively support the education of women in all professions. A large group of women halt their careers or the seeking of higher education to advance their families. For this, many women are continuing college in more advanced stages of life and there are groups who stand to support them.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has become one of the greatest supporters in the promotion of academic advancement among minority women or women in general. Those women who are returning to education after attending to families and careers are favored for this opportunity especially if they are at an economic disadvantage.

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting implemented grant opportunities for women seeking an associates, bachelors or masters degree in accounting or finance. Grants are rendered by basis of need and merit.

The American Society of Women Accountants awards grants and scholarships that also fund degrees for associates, bachelors and graduate programs if the student is pursuing a degree in the finance or accounting field. Financial grants may also be provided to fund the expenses of industry certifications and travel.

Wellesley College in Massachusetts designed the Davis Program specifically for women who are beyond college age. Those women who are working, have never pursued a college education or those who are returning to work may apply for this educational opportunity.

Grants for Battered Women and Single Mothers

Some single mothers may not be able to afford a college tuition based on state regulations and welfare. Some states define student aid as income which may interfere with the eligibility of a single mother to continue receiving welfare. If a mother obtains welfare in a state that considers student aid to be income, the mother would lose their welfare and be unable to support themselves and their children.

Raise the Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the economic needs of single mothers seeking to repay a student loan or pursue a college education. To be eligible, a woman must be a single parent and give back through community service and volunteerism. This organization will provide a grant based on financial need to those single mothers that are willing to work hard at furthering their education. In addition, the organization offers a financial opportunity to those single mothers who need help repaying a student loan, but are not financially capable.

The Women’s Independence Scholarship program is endorsed by the Sunshine Lady Foundation. This is a novel opportunity which has been constructed to award educational grants to women survivors who were victims of spousal or partner abuse. Women who have faced such great emotional challenges are in need of support. This opportunity is available to both full or part-time students who are interested in pursuing a vocational, associates, bachelors, and graduate studies education.

Grant Opportunities for the Financially Disadvantaged Woman

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation is careful to select only those who have proven to be in crucial financial need. Grants may be awarded to women who are actively pursuing technical programs, those considered to be a non-traditional student, women above the age of 35, and those seeking associates or bachelor degrees.

The Business and Professional Women’s Association helps women who are beyond normal college age, those who wish to pursue a new career or an advancement of their current career, and those that are resuming a career. This group pays special attention to the financial needs of minority women or those at a disadvantage that would likely fail without support.

Women have come a long way in being accepted as equal, but even so, many women may be facing more than just gender obstacles today. Those women that are single mothers, come from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds, or those that are victims of violence may be facing the toughest challenges. These are the women that lack emotional, social, and family support, which in turn, may determine their success or failure when seeking a career or educational goal.

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