All students are under financial strain these days, and those who are nursing majors are certainly no exception.

One way for students to supplement their income would be to apply for – and, if they’re lucky, be awarded – one or more scholarships or grants.

A grant and a scholarship is a sum of money that is gifted to a student who fulfills certain criteria and, here, ‘gifted’ means that the money does not have to be repaid.

There are many scholarships and grants available throughout the country but there are also those that are specific to one state, and even to one county within that state, and New Mexico does have its fair share of them.

General Scholarship and Grant Information Relevant to New Mexico Nursing Students

The great majority of the scholarship and grant programs offered to nursing students in New Mexico are administered by the University of New Mexico and the Western New Mexico University, and only students enrolled at these two institutions can apply for them.

These scholarship programs have also, almost without exception, been created through memorial trusts, although there are one or two that have been established by private associations.

Most, if not all, of them require that applicants be residents of New Mexico and one is so specific as to state which county the applicant must reside in.

These programs are offered to students at all levels, from graduating high school senior to graduate level student, and, while some of them are renewable and offer continuing sums of money to one recipient, others are not.

This list is not the definitive list of scholarships and grants offered in the state of New Mexico; students who are interested in obtaining information on further programs should contact:

  • nursing colleges and other tertiary education institutions within the state;
  • nursing organizations and associations that are either based in the state or have a branch in the state;
  • private philanthropic associations; and

Specific Scholarships and Grants in New Mexico

Scholarships offered through the University of New Mexico

The university offers approximately 20 different scholarship programs to its students and the amounts paid in terms of the scholarships become available at different times during the year. They all have similar eligibility requirements, including that the applicant must be accepted into the university’s College of Nursing, and a student can submit one application for multiple scholarships. Further details can be obtained from the university at UNM Albuquerque, Office of Financial Aid, Albuquerque, NM 87131 (tel: 505-277-0111 and website:

Undergraduate UNM Hospitals Scholarship Programs

  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Scholarships: Here $4,000 is paid to a student in a single installment and the student has a two-year commitment to work for the UNM hospitals after graduation;
  • The Associate Degree Nursing Scholarships: Here $3,500 is paid to a student, again in a single installment, and the student also has a two-year commitment to work for the UNM hospitals after graduation.

Each scholarship can be awarded to the same student more than once and the student’s work commitment will increase by six months each time another award is made.

General University of New Mexico Scholarships

  • The James M. and Luella Key Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to students who major in courses that will guarantee them gainful employment, including nursing. The factors that are taken into account when determining who is to be awarded this scholarship include academic history, aptitude and financial need.
  • The Agnes Ripple Adams Scholarship: Students have to be full-time nursing students and also have to maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.50 in order to be eligible for this scholarship. They would also have to be able to prove that their financial situation is such that they cannot pay their course fees unaided. Applications for this scholarship must be submitted by March each year.

Scholarships offered through Western New Mexico University

This university administers several scholarships and grants that are available for its nursing students and further information about these programs, some of which are summarized below, can be obtained from WNMU at 1000 West College Street, Silver City, NM 88062 (tel: 1-575-538-6336 and website:

Summary of Scholarships offered through WNMU

  • John A. (Jack) and Arley M Reese Scholarship: this is a renewable scholarship available for a nursing student at any level (high school graduate preparing to enter college, undergraduate scholar and graduate-level scholar). Eligibility requirements include the ability to maintain a 3.00 GPA and being able to supply proof of community involvement and financial need;
  • McIntire (Ogre) Scholarship: this scholarship is meant for an undergraduate nursing student embarking upon an associate degree in nursing with a specific major;
  • C.C. Cobb Nursing Scholarship: this is available for any student who is a nursing major;
  • Kuthe Scholarship: this scholarship is specifically for an undergraduate nursing student at the second-year level and, in order to be considered for the program, the student will have to submit a letter of request and recommendation;
  • Melanie E. Lees Nursing Scholarship: here the student has to be a resident of New Mexico and a nursing major. This is a renewable scholarship;
  • Irene Lowe Nursing Scholarship: this is a non-renewable scholarship specifically developed for a second-year undergraduate nursing student who is able to maintain a 3.00 GPA;
  • Frank and Bernice Parrish Scholarship: this scholarship is specific to residents of New Mexico’s Hidalgo County who can show that their financial situation is such that they cannot afford full tuition fees; and
  • Robert C. and Ione Martin Nursing Scholarship: this is an undergraduate scholarship for a student with a nursing major.

The Silver City Women’s Club Scholarship is also offered through WNMU although application should be made to the Club. This program consists of two annual awards made to full-time junior and/or sophomore students based on academic achievement.

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