Deciding on a career that has much to offer, nursing is a great choice. Nursing careers present unlimited opportunities and challenges your mind while building your ethical nature and morale. Aside from receiving a competitive salary, there is a great reward in making a difference in other people’s lives. As nursing school is the key to entering such a rewarding career, the main objective becomes funding your education. Well, this is an optimal time to get your stuff together and apply, apply, apply. The state of Vermont offers so many options for financial aid there really is no excuse to not receive some sort of assistance. Student loans can be so pricey; many of us need an alternative to provide our educational funding and as staffing shortages are affecting most of the U.S., Vermont has taken action to begin the recruitment process early in order to increase the younger population of nurses and health care professionals and end this harmful trend. The following financial aid sources are but a few of the many offered in the state of Vermont.

Early Intervention

Dare to Care Program: The state of Vermont and Mt. Ascutney Hospital understand that getting an upper hand on the shortage trend, involves early intervention in recruiting health care professionals early in age to promote an increase in those graduating high school to begin health care education. Mt. Ascutney Hospital offers the Dare to Care Program that is totally free to students in grades 7 through 12 to participate in intern-like training in which they will participate in the following:

  • Initial interview
  • 17 hour training program
  • Get a first hand view of the healthcare field and the tasks of the healthcare professional
  • Experience rewards of the healthcare profession

Health Careers Exploration MedQuest Programs

The state of Vermont also funds the Health Careers Exploration MedQuest Programs that allow students in grades 9 through 11 to live on a college campus located in Vermont for one week while visiting various health care settings to get a good idea of what is involved in the healthcare profession. These students will participate in the following:

  • Attending presentations
  • Attending interactive workshops
  • Shadowing various professionals

These programs are intended to encourage students to choose health care as their career allowing for growth in the nurse population.

Vermont Scholarships

Abraham Shapiro Memorial Scholarship

The Abraham Shapiro Memorial Scholarship is offered only to Vermont residents that show a significant financial need for the scholarship. In order to apply, students must be enrolled in a college within the state of Vermont and be either full or part time. The application must include an essay explaining your educational and employment goals and should also mention activities, honorable mentions, and clubs you may be involved in. The amount awarded is up to $1000 and is awarded each year to a new chosen student.

Evelyn M. Soforenko Nursing Scholarship

The Evelyn M. Soforenko Nursing Scholarship is available only to Vermont residents enrolled and/or attending a nursing program in a higher learning institution within the state of Vermont. The scholarship will be awarded to those that present the highest financial need and priority goes to those that are enrolled in an LPN program or obtaining their Associate’s degree in Nursing. The amount awarded each year varies on the need and attendance of the student.

Bridges to Vermont Scholarship

The Bridges to Vermont scholarship is offered to non-resident students of a college within the state of Vermont. The student must be entering their second year or transferring during the second year as well as maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average each year. Priority is given to those attending an Associate’s degree program and must be involved in some sort of organization or club within the school. The student must also be contributing personal or family funding for tuition costs. This scholarship is intended to bring a larger population into the nursing profession within Vermont to meet the needs of all its residents.

Vermont Grants

Vermont Incentive Grants

The Vermont Incentive Grants are awarded to students that are current Vermont residents and are attending or enrolled in an undergraduate degree program or a certificate program full time. The students awarded are to not have a Bachelor’s degree and should complete the FAFSA to receive an EFC before applying for the actual grant. Vermont residents currently attending or enrolled to attend the University of Vermont, the College of Medicine, or in a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program are also eligible. The amount awarded is between $700 and $11,200. Applications are available online or through the school or even the Vermont Student Assistance Corp.

Vermont Part-Time Grants

The Vermont Part-Time Grants are offered to those students that meet the above requirements but are not attending full time. Students must only attend less than 12 credit hours per semester and may not have a Bachelor’s degree. The amount awarded actually depends on the amount of credit hours attended by the student.

Vermont Pell Grant

The Vermont Pell Grant is rewarded to any student that is a resident of the state of Vermont. The area of study has no influence on the grant eligibility. In order to be eligible, you must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and can attend full or part time. The amount of the award varies per year increasing each year a bit. In order to apply for this grant, you must first complete a FAFSA and show a estimated family contribution below state guidelines.

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