No longer do your financial constraints have to stand between you and the nursing degree you want. As nurses and other health care professionals are growing steadily in demand in Utah, it is your time to cash in on several financial aid resources that are available in assisting the funding of your nursing degree. Upon beginning your enrollment to an accredited Utah nursing school, be sure to check with your financial aid department to find school specific resources that are available. Many schools, websites, foundations, and funds are now sponsoring various scholarships to aid in the recruitment of new nursing and medical students. The following sponsors and providers may offer more scholarships, grants, or financial aid than what is listed.


The CampusRN Utah Nursing Scholarship is a new scholarship that is offered by CampusRN. This is a newly launched and very comprehensive scholarship program that is the first of its kind. Working with the CampusRN state edition network recently created, there is a $2500 scholarship awarded to one nursing student per region. Utah is included in the Mountain Region. In order to apply for this scholarship you must apply through the website. Once your application is complete you are to check if your school is registered with CampusRN; if it isn’t registered already you will be given the opportunity to register the school yourself. If at least 100 applications are submitted in a specific region, that region will not contain a winner for that cycle.

Dixie State College

Dixie State College sponsors a few scholarships for nursing students attending their campus. One such scholarship is the Rosena B. G. Blake Nursing Scholarship is available for students that are currently majoring in nursing in attendance at Dixie State College.

The Baker and Eva Mae Port Scholarship is another scholarship currently sponsored by Dixie State College to current nursing majors attending the college. The application for this scholarship is to be turned in by the 1st of March each year.

The David and Emma Dolowitz Scholarship, also sponsored by Dixie State College for their students, is awarded to students that are currently majoring in the following courses:

  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Nursing Preparation

Only students that demonstrate a need for financial aid and maintain the appropriate grade point average are eligible for this scholarship.

Utah Nurses Association

The Utah Nurses Association assists nursing students in obtaining an education and career in one of the most demanding fields, nursing. The Utah Nurses Foundation Nursing Grant-in-Aid Scholarship is sponsored by the Utah Nurses Association and is available for nursing students attending any college in Utah. There are eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify for this scholarship.

  • Utah resident and U.S. citizen
  • Undergraduate student in nursing
  • Must complete 6 or more credit hours per semester
  • Full-time students preferred

The nursing students that will be chosen for this scholarship will be one of the following:

  • RN pursuing BSN
  • Graduate or post-graduate
  • Enrolled in nursing program for advanced practice nurses or undergraduate nursing program

Any student applying for The Utah Nurses Foundation Nursing Grant-in-Aid Scholarship must provide three letters of recommendation with application. is currently offering the $1,000 Health Careers & Nursing Scholarship for health care students attending any school in Utah. Those applying must be enrolled in high school or college or must plan on enrolling within the next 12 months. In order to complete application, students must explain why they are the best choice for this scholarship in the “Tell Us More” box at the bottom of the online application.

Other Sources of Funding

Also available to Utah college students is the Utah Pell Grant. This is a government grant awarded to students with financial needs that maintain a 3.0 grade point average or higher. There is a certain amount sent to each student awarded that will cover any college tuition or resource fees and can even assist in campus housing. This grant is available for full time students that are attending either on-campus or online courses. No specific course should be attended, but attendance must be maintained.
Simply choosing the right school will assist with financial aid. Many schools are receiving Nursing Departmental Scholarships to certain colleges in order to provide financial aid to students interested in attending that college.

A few of these Nursing Departmental Scholarships include:

  • Frances Clair LaPoint Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack & Beverly Whiting Nursing Scholarship
  • Scott H. S. Dunham Scholarship

These scholarships are provided to the schools only to provide funds for resources and faculty necessary to provide the education to the students, as well as to assist in funding some students’ tuition costs.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

Even if you are not eligible for all, as long as you are a student residing in the state of Utah, you are eligible for at least one of these financial aid opportunities. Completion of the FAFSA may be required for one or more of these scholarships and grants as it will determine your overall estimated contribution during your attendance in a Utah nursing school. None of these funding sources have to be paid back and more than one can be combined to cover your full education costs.

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