Nursing students have the opportunity to beat the economic recession by applying for – and being awarded – many different types of scholarships and grants.

Montana Nursing Grants & Scholarships

Most of the scholarship and grant programs available in Montana specify that a student would be eligible to apply for the benefit only if they lived and went to school in Montana.

There would also be other conditions attached, however, which could relate to things like maintaining a certain Grade Point Average (GPA) or enrolling for a specific program.

Many programs are available through Montana State University (and a student would have to go to school there to take advantage of them) but there are also other independent nursing and philanthropic organizations that offer other programs.

Students who are interested in pursuing funding opportunities in Montana should review the websites of all state nursing schools, hospitals and nursing societies as they should all contain details of available financial aid programs.

Specific Scholarships and Grants in Montana

Aloha Scholarship

This program is administered through the American Legion Auxiliary and provides financial aid to relatives of Montana legion members. One award of $500 is made every year and the eligibility requirements include:

  • Applicants must be children or grandchildren of members of the Legion living in Montana;
  • Applicants must also reside in Montana, have graduated from a Montana high school and be enrolled in an accredited nursing school;
  • Applicants must also have been recommended for the scholarship by their local Legion chapter, as well as by their pastor, high school principal and two members of their local business community; and
  • Applicants must submit an essay on nursing.

Further factors that will be considered when selections are being processed include aptitude, academic achievement and character. Specific information regarding how to apply for this scholarship can be obtained from the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Montana, at 7 Sautter Lane, P.O. Box 40, Townsend, MT 59644 (tel: 406-266-4566 and website:

Scholarships Available Through Montana State University’s College of Nursing

Several scholarship programs are available to nursing students through the university’s College of Nursing, which administers and oversees all student applications. In order to be eligible for one of these scholarships, students must complete the usual application forms as well as provide high school transcripts, write an essay and compile a student involvement log.

Further information concerning all scholarship programs offered by MSU’s College of Nursing can be obtained directly from them at P.O. Box 173560, Bozeman, MT 59717 (tel: 406-994-3783 and website:

Representative scholarships offered by MSU’s College of Nursing include:

The Fred and Morrein Bower Scholarship

Here one award, of a variable amount, is made per year. Specific eligibility requirements include being enrolled in the MSU College of Nursing and being able to maintain a GPA of at least 2.50. The annual submission deadline is in November.

The Margy Burgess Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Here, again, there is one award of a variable amount per year with the submission application deadline also being in November. Eligibility criteria include students being registered for the nursing curriculum as well as having a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.50. Students must also receive a recommendation from the College of Nursing’s Associate Dean or their Campus Director. Priority will be given to those students who are not eligible for any other form of financial support.

The Phyllis Carr Scholarship

Here there is one annual variable award and students are required to perform clinical coursework at the MT Great Falls upper-division campus. Students should also have a 2.50 GPA and exhibit characteristics like a strong level of commitment to the needs of patients and their families as well as supportiveness towards colleagues.

The Lula May Clay Scholarship

The number and amounts of these awards vary from year to year but, to be eligible, a student must have graduated from a high school in Montana and must also be in their sophomore year in their nursing studies. A strong academic record would also be extremely helpful.

The Jennie E. David Scholarship

Here one award is granted per year and preference is given to unmarried students. A student must also be a resident of Montana and must have graduated from a Montana-based high school. Both undergraduate and graduate level students can apply.

The Frances Eakman Scholarship

This program is specific to the MSU Billings Campus and will give preference to enrolled nurses who show an affinity for operating room nursing and medical-surgical nursing. Students also need to be able to maintain a 2.50 or higher GPA and must be at least second-semester juniors who have already completed a course in medical-surgical nursing.

The Lillian M. Erickson Scholarship

This program comprises four separate awards (one for each MSU upper-level campus) and will be awarded to the best all-around nursing student as chosen by the Scholarship Committee for the College of Nursing.

The Marguerite Milton Hughes Scholarship

Here the number and value of the awards vary but this program is extremely specific as it will give first preference to students living in Fergus or Judith Basin counties in Montana. Second preference will be given to anyone resident in Montana State.

The Patricia Schwarz Memorial Scholarship

Here there is also one award of a variable amount but, in order to be eligible, a student must show a particular interest in caring for cancer patients. Further eligibility requirements include being a College of Nursing upper-division student and submitting an essay that includes information on personal and career goals and why the student thinks he or she should be considered for this award.

The Yen Lin Lee Li Scholarship

The number and value of this program’s awards are determined by the MSU College of Nursing. This scholarship program was originally established to provide financial assistance to those nursing students who are resident in Montana and who are also ethnic Chinese or Asian.

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