In our present economy, all students are struggling to cope with the financial demands placed upon them by having to pay tuition fees, and nurses are no exception.

This is therefore an excellent time for nursing students to take advantage of the many grants and scholarships that are available for them.

Scholarships and grants are, furthermore, preferable to loans because, unlike loans, the monies awarded under a scholarship or a grant program do not have to be paid back.

General Scholarship and Grant Information Relevant to Nebraska Nursing Students

Although there are some scholarship programs that are available across the country, there are several that are specific to Nebraska.

Those programs that are available to Nebraska nursing students can further be broken down into those that can only be awarded to Nebraska residents and those that can be awarded to both Nebraska residents and residents of surrounding states.

Any organization can develop a grant or a scholarship program, including memorial trusts, individuals, private sector companies, educational institutes and special interest groups. In Nebraska, most of the available scholarships have been set up through memorial trusts and are highly specific in that they can only be awarded to residents of certain Nebraska counties.

Different eligibility requirements will also apply to the different grant and scholarship programs out there and these requirements can relate to things as diverse as what program a student nurse is enrolled in and who his or her relatives are.

As there are programs available over and above those mentioned on this list, students who are studying nursing in Nebraska and who are interested in applying for either a grant or a scholarship should also undertake further research into the subject.

Specific Nebraska Financial Aid Resources

Nebraska Legion Auxiliary Licensed Practical Nursing Scholarships

Three or more of these $500 scholarships are awarded every year and the program’s overall objective is to provide financial assistance for further study in the nursing field to American veterans and their family.

The deadline for submitting an application for this scholarship is March of any given year and an applicant must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for the program:

  • Applicants must have been resident in Nebraska for three years before the application is filed;
  • Applicants must either themselves be a veteran or must be related to a veteran (who could be the applicant’s spouse, parent, grandparent or sibling);
  • Applicants must already have been accepted into a school of practical nursing; and
  • Applicants must require financial assistance with paying their tuition fees.

Further information concerning this scholarship program can be obtained directly from the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Nebraska, P.O. Box 5227, Lincoln NE 68505 (tel: 402-466-1808 and website:

Nebraska Legion Auxiliary Nurse’s Gift Tuition Scholarships

These are similar to the Licensed Practical Nursing Scholarships except that there is no set amount and the number awarded changes every year. Most, if not all, of the same eligibility requirements will apply and further information can be obtained from the American Legion Auxiliary (see above).

Bill and Mary Russell Health Care Scholarship

This scholarship program makes one award once a year and the deadline for the submission of applications is June of any given year. This scholarship is available for those students who are from selected counties in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri and its eligibility requirements include:

  • Students must either be accepted or enrolled in an approved nursing or health-related program at the time of submitting their applications; and
  • Students must be resident in one of the counties specified in the Health Communities of the Midwestern Four Corners service region.

Students who are interested in obtaining further information regarding this scholarship can contact The Heartland Regional Community Foundation at 801 Faraon Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501 (tel: 816-271-7910 and website:

Jerry Maki Scholarship

This scholarship’s aim is to provide nursing students who reside in specific counties financial assistance with their studies and is awarded once every year. Applications for this scholarship have to be filed by September of any given year and the eligibility requirements specific to this program include:

  • Students must already be enrolled in an educational institution and must be majoring in nursing or social work; and
  • Students must reside in one of several specific counties in either Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri or Kansas, which, for Nebraska, consists of Richardson and Nemaha counties.

This scholarship program was established in 1999 and, like the Russell Health Care Scholarship, is administered through the Heartland Regional Community Foundation. Further information can be obtained directly from the Foundation, which can be contacted at the above address.

Mary Ann Reinert Nursing Scholarship

This is another of the scholarship programs administered through the Heartland Foundation. This program effects one award per year and applications have to be filed by June of any given year. Its eligibility requirements include:

  • Students have to be residents of Nemaha and Richardson counties in Nebraska (or selected counties from Iowa, Kansas or Missouri); and
  • Students have to be already enrolled in a nursing degree that has a specialization in surgical nursing.

Further information can be obtained from the Foundation at the above address.

Velma Flies Anderson Scholarship

This is yet another of the scholarships administered by the Heartland Foundation. One award is given out every year and the deadline for the submission of applications is June of each year.

The specific eligibility requirements that relate to this program include:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in an RN (Registered Nurse) program and must be going into their senior year; and
  • Applicants must be resident in either Richardson or Nemaha counties in Nebraska (or selected counties in Iowa, Kansas or Missouri).

Again, further information can be requested from the Foundation at the above address or at

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