Scholarships and grants are very important for people seeking to get the education they need to be successful in nursing. Many states have several scholarships and grants available to nursing students that are either specific to the nursing field or are available to students in general. Here you will find a list of scholarships that can be used by nursing students to help pay for part or all of their education and can help them in beginning their path to a successful career.

Washington Nursing Scholarships and Grants

Washington State Nurses Foundation Scholarships – Available to Washington residents who are preparing for a career in nursing within Washington state. Four $1,000 awards are available each year. Applications can be found at

National Nursing Scholarships and Grants

  • Nursing Workforce Diversity Grants– Available through HRSA. These are government grants that are of a competitive nature. Grants are awarded to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds to help in their nursing education. Up to $300,000 is available for each applicant. Applications can be found at
  • HRSA Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students– Nursing students can apply for this scholarship through the financial aid office of the school they are attending or intend to attend. Must be a full-time student and prove to be financially needy. Can cover full costs of educational, tuition, and living expenses.
  • AAUW Fellowship and Grants– Provided by the American Association of University Women. Provides $2000 to $6000 in financial assistance for career advancement, career change, or re-entry into the workforce in a professional or technical field. For more information visit
  • FNSNA(Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association) Annual Scholarship Program– Provides support for nursing and pre-nursing students. Awards are based on financial need and academic achievement as well as involvement in community activities related to health care and nursing student organizations. Must be enrolled in a U.S. state approved school of nursing or pre-nursing. Application can be found at
  • Health Careers Foundation(HCF) Scholarship– Available for nursing students who need financial help with their education. Student loans are also available. More information can be found at
  • NAANA(National American Arab Nurses Association) Scholarship- Scholarships are available for students interested in pursuing a career in nursing as well as practicing nurses and current nursing students. Awards are from $500 to $1000 per year. More information available at
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship– Provides financial assistance for nursing education to Hispanic students. Visit for more information.
  • Tafford Uniforms Nursing Scholarship Program– For students who are enrolled in a BSN or MSN of Nursing Program. Two $1000 scholarships are available twice a year. Students must have a 2.5 GPA or better and submit a 250 word essay describing why they want to pursue a career in nation. More information available at
  • AAMN(American Assembly for Men in Nursing) Scholarships– Support male students who are seeking a Pre-RN licensure or Graduate degree in Nursing. This is a $1000 scholarship. Visit for more information.
  • A Nurse I Am Scholarship– Backed by Cherokee Uniforms, 10 scholarships of $2000 each are available for nursing students. Must watch the video of “A Nurse I Am” – the 32-minute Educational Version or the 62-minute documentary, and submit an essay to be a winner of the scholarship. More information located at
  • The Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship– US Medical Supplies offers one $1000 scholarship. The winner must have completed the online application and submit a 500 word essay on who or what inspired them to become a healthcare professional. To apply and get more information you can visit
  • Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) Nursing Scholarships– For people interested in becoming Air Force nurses. Must be a high school graduate and U.S. citizen and enlist as a cadet in the Air Force Reserve. Up to $15,000 per year is available for tuition and fees, plus $510 a year for books and a monthly stipend. More information available at
  • Army ROTC Nurse Program Scholarships– Full tuition scholarships available as well as allowances for books and fees and a monthly stipend. For more information you can visit your high school academic advisor or a campus Army ROTC office. More information available at
  • Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship– 10 awards of up to $500 are available to students currently enrolled in a school of nursing. Must obtain a letter of sponsorship from your local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter to be considered for this award. Visit for more info.

General Scholarships and Grants

  • Marine Corps Scholarship – Scholarships are available for deserving sons and daughters of former or current U.S. Marines. For more information visit
  • Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award – Offer up to ten $15,000 scholarships and one $30,000 scholarship for anyone seeking a bachelor’s degree. Awards are one- time awards only and are not renewable. For more information you can visit
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