In North Dakota today, if you want to go through with an education in nursing, there are many ways to make that happen.

Money does not stand in the way of those who are truly motivated to enter and complete a solid nursing program, because multiple North Dakota nursing scholarships and grants can be had, depending upon which program you choose to enter.

The thing to know is that even with the economy struggling and many industries having down years, the medical field is still going strong.

There are still hospitals hiring nurses and the demand for these professionals is such that financing is readily available.

Breaking Down the North Dakota Scholarship Options

If you have your heart set on nursing and you were a talented student all throughout high school, then certain scholarship options are at your disposal. You do not have to be a super student to get these, but it helps if you show a certain degree of aptitude.

The first way to get your hands on this scholarship money is through the school you apply to.

All schools are a little bit different in how they decide to give out scholarship money, but for the most part it is used as a recruiting tool.

Some programs might automatically consider your for their merit scholarships when you apply, while others might have separate scholarship application materials and separate deadlines. You will want to keep these things in mind when going through the process.

The key thing to remember when applying for scholarships through the school of your choice is that they are limited in the amount of money they can hand out.

When that money is taken up, there will be no more to pull from. This means that people who apply earlier are in better shape in terms of getting the scholarship money.

Private Scholarship Options

In addition to just looking at the school itself to provide a scholarship, you might look for some private funding options.

There are many organizations out there that love to provide a merit scholarship for students in North Dakota who show a great deal of enthusiasm about the medical industry. The large hospitals in your area most likely have scholarships directed especially at people in your situation.

The key is to research these different offerings and put in applications as early as possible. It won’t hurt to apply for as many as you can, because there is a good chance that you will receive at least one of them.

Hospital-driven Scholarship Offers With a Catch

Some of the hospital scholarship offers that today’s nursing students are taking are driven by the need for more employees in the North Dakota nursing world. These hospitals are in near desperate need of nurses who know what they are doing. They need people who are not only willing, but also very capable.

What this means is that many of the hospitals are doing their best to lock up bright students before they ever complete an intensive nursing program.

Many students today are getting scholarships from hospitals to pay for the total cost of nursing school. There is a catch with this, though. With some of these agreements, you will have to sign a contract to work for that hospital for a period of time after you get out of school.

This might sound a little bit fishy at first, but know that you are not being required to work for free or anything like that. They pay for your schooling in full, and then you are handed a job with that hospital right out of school.

For some students, this is a nice idea, because it kills two birds with one stone. Not only do you take care of your college funding, but you also have found your first job before ever getting out.

The difficulty here is that many people just don’t know where they want to work before they enter nursing school. If you don’t have a clue where you want to work and live within North Dakota, then this would not be nearly as good of an option for you.

Considering the Many Grants Out There

You should also know that there are grants available to people just like you for the purpose of continuing education. If you are entering into a nursing program right out of high school, then you can usually get the big federal grants that apply to undergraduate education.

This means that by applying with the federal government through their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you’ll have a chance to qualify for need-based aid. This will take into account the income for both you and for your parents. If your parents are not rolling in money, then the Pell Grant is a real option.

This will provide thousands of dollars for your education and there are no catches.

Other, smaller grants exist both from the federal government and from individual, private lending sources. Many of these will be targeted for certain kinds of people.

For instance, organizations will give out grants for students who come from a certain part of North Dakota, just because they want to promote the nursing industry in that part of the state. By searching the Internet, you should be able to find these special grants and use them to fund your education if you do happen to qualify.

The Options in Summary

As you can see, there are plenty of things that prospective nursing students in North Dakota can use to make sure that they get a solid nursing education. Just because you do not have the money to pay for college up front should not stop you from getting a good education. With loans, grants, scholarships, and everything else that goes into the process, it is becoming easier and easier to fund education today.

This is especially true for those in the medical field, where the demand for workers is still quite high at the current time.

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