The state of Minnesota has long been held as one of the finest places to obtain a nursing education.

There are several accredited universities and colleges with outstanding nursing programs for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Many of these nursing programs provide opportunities for students to experience the medical world firsthand, thanks to several large hospitals in the twin cities and, of course, the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Given the superior nursing programs in Minnesota, it is no wonder that prospective nursing students are flocking to Minnesota colleges.

However, the expenses of a college education continue to rise, making the dream of a college education difficult to realize. Fortunately, there are several scholarships and grants available for students wishing to pursue a career in nursing and attend a Minnesota college or university.

Minnesota State University Mankato

This state university’s nursing program has grown significantly in the past several years, and the availability of nursing scholarships has increased as well. Scholarships awarded include the following:

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

  • Award for Excellence in the Implementation of the Roy Model
  • LuVern L. Penn and Bess Ellison Penn Memorial Award
  • Art of Caring Award
  • Helen C & Helmar J. Nilson Memorial Endowment
  • SNA (Student Nurse’s Association) Award
  • Dr. Walter and Lorna E. Zettler Memorial Scholarship
  • Elsa Johansen Natvig Endowment Scholarship
  • Golden Jubilee Endowment Scholarship
  • Lillian Crawford Endowment Scholarship
  • Lisa Schumacher Buerhaus Scholarship
  • Patrick Willette Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Waunda-Mae Wyndle Nursing Endowment Scholarship
  • Accelerated Nursing Program Nursing Faculty Scholarship

Scholarships for Graduate Students

  • Clarice Joan Amundson Nursing Endowment Scholarship
  • Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship

The requirements for scholarship eligibility differ, but generally include a 3.0 grade point average and acceptance into the Mankato nursing program.

Bethel University

This small private college in Arden Hills, Minnesota offers several academic scholarships, including the following nursing scholarships:

  • Charlotte Anderson Nursing Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. Karl W. Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Ray I. and Genevieve Brace Scholarship
  • Dorothy Christison Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Karen & Don Ciske Nursing Scholarship
  • Dwyer Nursing Endowment
  • Sagrid E. Edman Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship
  • Gloria Grayum Nursing Scholarship
  • Charles and Marilyn Gustafson Nursing Scholarship
  • Irene Hanwell Memorial Nursing Scholarships
  • Edna V. Holm Nursing Scholarship
  • Lynn Cherie Hummel Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Tobey Johnson Scholarship for Nursing Education
  • Janice Turnblom Jorgensen Memorial Scholarship
  • Gladys Kleinsasser Memorial Scholarship for Medical Mission
  • Margaret Magnuson Scholarship
  • JoAnn Moberg Memorial/Friends of Bethel Nursing Scholarship
  • Mounds Midway Nursing Scholarships
  • Mounds Midway School of Nursing Memorial Scholarship
  • Karl A. Olsson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Emily Grace Rudolph Scholarship Fund
  • Susan K. Saxon/Mounds Midway School of Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Myrtle M. Shaver Memorial Nursing Scholarships

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has the largest nursing program in the state. Nursing students take classes in either the Twin Cities campus or the newer Rochester campus. Students at the University of Minnesota Rochester receive the wonderful opportunity to observe and practice nursing skills at the Mayo Clinic.

Scholarships and grants are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. A number of nursing fellowships are also awarded to eligible nursing graduate students.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Tanya V. Ash Memorial Scholarship
  • Bonnie Bata-Jones Scholarship
  • Marion Borgeson Scholarship
  • Clifton J. Brisco Scholarship
  • Verniece Buan Scholarship
  • Class of 1960 Nursing Scholarship
  • Helen Colby Nursing Scholarship
  • Danielson Nursing Scholarship
  • Fairview Nursing Sponsorship
  • Jean Rossman Field Nursing Scholarship
  • Mary K. and Cyrus A. Field Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Ruth Ann Johnson Foster Scholarship
  • Beulah Gautefald Scholarship
  • Helen and Edith Guyor Scholarship
  • Jean Douglas Hall Nursing Scholarship
  • Helen B. Hansen Memorial Scholarship
  • Judith Komives Harris Centennial Scholarship
  • Cecilia Hauge Memorial Scholarship
  • Harold W. and Cecilia B. Langland Scholarship
  • Gloria Larson Hayden Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship
  • Ardus Kluth Hopkins Scholarship
  • I Want to be a Nurse Scholarship
  • Patricia S. Kane Scholarship
  • Freia and Elmer Kettunen Scholarship
  • Doris Kupferschmidt Nursing Scholarship
  • Myrna Jean Klaff Moberg Scholarship
  • Amy Seevers Nelson & David Nelson Scholarship
  • Walter E. and Adela J. Olson Scholarship
  • William R. & Barbara A. Pearce Family Scholarship
  • Rochester Nursing Scholarship
  • Lynette and Theodore Thompson Nursing Scholarship
  • Marion Vannier Scholarship
  • Frieda Schulz Winter Scholarship
  • Paulina & Wladimir Zenkovich Nursing Scholarship

Graduate Student Scholarships

  • Shirley A. Berglund Nursing Scholarship
  • Karen L. Brand Memorial Scholarship
  • Dorothy C. Calafiore Scholarship
  • Agnes Dempster Scholarship
  • Kathleen Dineen Nurse-Midwifery Scholarship
  • Mary K. and Cyrus A. Field Scholarship
  • Fairview Nursing Sponsorship
  • Veronica Pec Gault Memorial Scholarship
  • Isabel Harris Scholarship
  • Florence Julian Memorial Scholarship
  • Nottage Scholarship for Graduate Nursing Education
  • Cynthia Kelley O’Neill Scholarship for Psychiatric Nursing
  • Eloise Bringgold Reichert Scholarship
  • Barbara Helene Slivken Rich Scholarship
  • Violet A. Shea Nursing Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Pauline A. Vincent Scholarship
  • Beatrice L. Witt Scholarship

Graduate Student Fellowships

  • Mary Lou Christensen & Friends Research Fellowship in Public Health Nursing
  • Helen Colby Fellowship in Intercultural Health
  • Nancy L. Cook Fellowship
  • Connie White Delaney Fellowship in Nursing Innovation
  • Joanne Disch Fellowship in Gerontological Nursing Leadership
  • Delphie Fredlund Fellowship in Public Health Nursing
  • Theresa V. James Fellowship in Child & Family Health
  • Eileen Vinnes Kalow Fellowship in Children’s Health
  • M and M Fellowship in Gerontological Nursing
  • Marilee A. Miller Fellowship in Educational Leadership
  • Claire Nelson and Nancy Schamber Student Nurse-Midwife Fellowship
  • Cynthia Kelley O’Neill & Louise Muller Fellowship in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • Lucille Casas Paradela International Fellowship
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Fellowship
  • Rahr Fellowship in Nursing Research
  • Nursing Research Fellowship
  • Dora Stohl Fellowship in Nursing Leadership
  • Roxanne Struthers Fellowship
  • Lois and George Warp Fellowship in Nursing Research
  • Amy Wenger Fellowship in Pediatric Nursing
  • Wladimir & Paulina Zenkovich Nursing Fellowship
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