Due to the overwhelming number of nurses retiring, a shortage has developed in the medical field.

Youth are not pursuing the medical field of nursing at rates fast enough to balance the number of retirees. Therefore, the demand for nurses is high in 2010 and beyond.

The demand has prompted many employers and schools to offer incentives to those individuals seeking to enter the field of nursing.

Incentives such as signing bonuses, flexible work schedules and scholarships are among the enticing offers presented to students pursuing a degree or entering the work force.

Employers hope to retain individuals by increasing job satisfaction.

Sixty-three thousand dollars is the annual median income of nurses. Nearly twenty-one percent of nurses entering the workforce are protected by a union.

Joining a union offers job security. However, because of the demand, nurses can expect a certain degree of job security without union affiliation. Industries depending on nurse practitioners, midwives, anesthetics, and clinical nurse specialists are all experiencing the effects of the shortage.

Though not of great denominations, many scholarships exist for the minority seeking assistance in the field of nursing. Some of the scholarship opportunities will be highlighted in this article.

Ethnic Minority Scholarship in Oncology Nursing


This particular Foundation has $500,000 designated towards scholarship opportunities. One of the opportunities provides $2,000 to the prospective student of Oncology Nursing. January is the deadline for submission of the application. The number of award recipients varies from year to year.

Health Professions Preparatory Scholarship Program


American Indians or Alaskan Natives are eligible to receive this particular scholarship. Each month the recipient can expect to receive $1,160. The money will be disseminated for a 10-month duration. The student enrolled in a full-time program can expect to receive the stipend for 2 years. Those students enrolled part-time can expect to receive funding for up to 4 years. Interested applicants should apply by February of each calendar year.

Philippine Nurses of America


Five Filipino minorities can expect to receive an award in the amount of $2,000 from the Philippine Nurses of America. Recipients of the award are required to be members of the Philippine Nurses of America Association. Applicants must also plan to apply to a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Individuals who are currently enrolled in a nursing program of study are also eligible for the scholarship.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship


One thousand dollars is awarded to a member of the Hispanic community who is interested in nursing. Interested applicants must apply by April of each year.

The website contains pertinent contact information. Those individuals managing the scholarship are available for questions concerning the application process.

Minority Nurse Magazine Scholarship


Minorities pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing may be eligible to receive an award between $500 and $1,000. Several stipends may be awarded. June is deadline for application submission.

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) Board of Directors Scholarship


Members of the National Black Nurses Association are eligible to apply for a scholarship award. The award is a stipend that ranges from $500 to $2,000 per year. The scholarship is only valid for one year. The association will award one or more awards per year depending on the budget and number of qualified applicants. The deadline for application is April of each year.

The Kaiser Permanente Scholarship, the Aetna Scholarship, the Mayo Foundations Scholarship, and the Nursing Spectrum Scholarship all possess the same requirements for eligibility for their scholarship programs. Refer to the website for more details concerning the scholarship program.

Justine E. Granner Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship is provided to an American Indian or other ethnic minority students preparing to enter the field of nursing or another health-related field. The candidates must be residents of the State of Iowa. One recipient can expect to receive $1,000 over the course of the year. The application deadline is February of each year. Applications should be submitted to the Iowa United Methodist Foundation.

Indian Nurse Scholarship Awards


American Indians seeking to pursue a career in nursing should contact the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. The amount of the award ranges from $500 to $1,500. The number of recipients varies each year. The duration of the award lasts for one year.

National America Arab Nurses Association


The National America Arab Nurses Association awards Arab Americans $10,000 to pursue a career within the field of nursing. Current nursing students, practicing nurses and prospective students are all eligible to receive the award. The deadline is typically on July 1 each calendar year but may vary from year to year.


Prospective scholarship recipients should continue to research to find other opportunities available. The scholarships discussed are only examples of the stipends available to students. There may be many others available.

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