It is no secret that there is a staffing shortage trend in health care employment that is stemming from not enough nurses and similar staff to cover shifts. This is causing a severe recruitment process that involves offering those seeking a nursing career some really great scholarships and grants. For those of you in West Virginia, you are getting access to area specific scholarships and grants just for you to utilize in order to get that nursing degree you may be seeking. Included are only a few of the offered West Virginia nursing scholarships and grants you may be eligible. Although you may not be eligible for all, if you are a resident of West Virginia be sure that you are available for at least one. The great thing about these scholarships and grants is that you don’t have to pay them back which will create an even greater convenience to attend school in today’s economic trying times.

West Virginia Center for Nursing Scholarship Program

Students in West Virginia that are pursuing an education in nursing are able to apply for this scholarship program through their college’s financial aid department. Funds are set aside each year just for students in West Virginia that are currently enrolled in nursing degree classes part time or full time. These students are not able to apply directly through the West Virginia Center for Nursing. This scholarship program has four different scholarships for these nursing students:

  • Emergency Funding
  • LPN Teaching Certification
  • School Scholarship
  • Doctoral Faculty Scholarship

The Dixie L. Hudson Wilson and Richard Lee Wilson Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1996 as a funding method for students that are West Virginia residents seeking a nursing education through an accredited college and must have financial need. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be full time students that currently have at least a 3.0 grade point average. This scholarship is available to students studying graduate and undergraduate degrees and is renewable as long as the student maintains at least a 3.0 grade point average throughout their courses.

Imogene Peer Foster Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is only awarded to students that maintain the required GPA and show promise in the field of nursing as well as have a financial need. To apply for this scholarship, students will first have to complete the FAFSA in order to determine financial eligibility. Nursing students in Hardy County, West Virginia are given the first priority for this scholarship.

June Satterfield Scholarship

The June Satterfield Scholarship is awarded to freshmen undergraduates attending their first year in a nursing degree course. To be eligible, students must be residents of West Virginia, maintain a certain grade point average and have a financial need as determined through completion of the FAFSA.

Health Sciences Scholarship Program

As health care professionals are increasing in shortages, this scholarship is awarded to those of you seeking an education in medicine and osteopathy. This is for fourth year students that are demonstrating the proper academic record and completing their education in primary care and practice in rural underserved areas of West Virginia. Students currently attending their final year for nurse practitioners are also eligible for this scholarship.

West Virginia Pell Grant

The West Virginia Pell Grant is available to any student in the state of West Virginia that demonstrates a financial need through the FAFSA, showing an EFC of lower than 3850. The student must maintain a grade point average that meets the requirements throughout the school year and can either be part time or full time. Each student will be disbursed a certain amount each year they are available that can be used towards tuition or any out of pocket costs you may have while attending school. This is a great grant in that you are able to purchase all your school resources such as a computer and supplies, books, and any type of campus housing costs you may incur during your attendance in the participating colleges. Students must check with their financial aid office to ensure the college participates in Pell grant funding.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers today understand the need for nurses and offer tuition reimbursement based on your employment status. For part time employees, many offer 30-50% tuition reimbursements while for full time employees, employers are offering from 75% to even 100% tuition reimbursement just to provide the financial boost you may need to succeed in your educational venture.

As the current shortage trend in health care staffing is presenting definite health risks and dangers during receipt of health care services, it has became your time to take advantage of the need for health care workers and nurses and continue your education with several resources for financial aid. There are several foundations and resources just to get you that nursing degree you are seeking.

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