No one ever said that receiving a higher education would be cheap. In fact, it can be quite expensive depending on the courses you attend and the length of time you attend them. More and more students are turning to financial aid as the means of financing their higher education, and nurses, especially in Rhode Island are at a great advantage. Not only is the federal government offering Rhode Island residents seeking an education or higher level education in nursing, but the state of Rhode Island is as well.

The Rhode Island College actually sponsored many of these scholarships and grants in order to attract more nursing students and make headway in refilling the nursing population that has began to dwindle with time. Now that nurses are in such high demand, it is your turn to get your higher education no matter how old you are or whether you return to school full or part time. There are various financial aid opportunities available of which you should be eligible for at least one, no matter what your circumstances. The following are many scholarships offered by the Rhode Island College as well as various foundations that are encouraging the recruitment of new nurses for a better health care environment.

Arbour Health System

The Arbour Health System is comprised of five private psychiatric hospitals that are offering tuition support in return for a contract to work depending on the amount financed. The support can be from $1,250 for one year of guaranteed full time work at one of these facilities up to two years of reimbursement for 4 years of employment up to $5,000. During the actual school year, the nursing student will be employed at one of these hospitals as a mental health counselor even receiving benefits during employment.

Lucy C. Ayers Foundation Scholarship

The Lucy C. Ayers Foundation Scholarship awards $1,000 a year to students that are currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program. Only one application per student each year is considered and the student applying must show a financial need for tuition assistance which involves completing the FAFSA and receiving an expected family contribution that is under 3850.

Mary Brunell Scholarship

The Mary Brunell Scholarship was established within the Rhode Island College Foundation and is intended to assist nursing students that are showing a current and passionate interest in gerontological nursing including maintaining goals to begin a career in gerontological nursing. There are various requirements to be eligible for this award.

  • Complete junior level nursing courses
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • 500 word essay describing interest in providing health care to the elderly as well as current activities participated in that involve the elderly
  • Full or part time

Karla Carroll Memorial Nursing Scholarship

The Karla Carroll Memorial Nursing Scholarship is dedicated to the life and passion in nursing of Karla Carroll a previous graduate from Rhode Island College nursing program that was a victim of a plane crash. $1,000 is awarded to a junior or senior level student currently enrolled in a nursing program that shows the passion and love for nursing that Karla Carroll portrayed. There are various eligibility requirements for this scholarship that must be maintained throughout the year to be eligible for it.

  • Complete junior or senior level
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • 500 word essay explaining what influenced your choice of nursing courses and an explanation of how you currently help people
  • Full or part time

Rhode Island Pell Grant

There have been many commercials of free money for college; well this is what they were talking about. The Rhode Island Pell Grant is available for any Rhode Island resident currently enrolled and attending or about to start attending an accredited college that participates in Pell Grant funding. The Rhode Island Pell Grant is based on personal income and how much you are expected to contribute to your tuition. The award amounts vary by program and are renewable each year as long as you maintain the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Full time or part time attendance
  • Minimum credits per student status

Even While You Work

Even when you are working, school is now made easier than ever to attend. Whether you opt for an online campus or traditional campus, many employers are supporting the effort to increase the amount of healthcare professionals to provide services to an underserved population. These employers are now more than ever offering better tuition reimbursement and even full reimbursement or repayment for nurses seeking a higher level education through an accredited education institution. When enrolling in your nursing program, be sure to visit the financial aid office to learn all of the possible opportunities that you may be eligible for.

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